• Gillian Gardiner
    I joined Pub Rock Choir when it first started in 2017…and it’s the best thing I have ever done!
    I look forward to each fortnightly practice and really love when we get to perform at an event…Childers Festival is my favourite!
    Anyone who knows me knows that i love to sing….Pub Rock Choir has given me the opportunity to do that regularly with a group of like minded people….singing awesome rock songs.  Being a part of Pub Rock Choir makes me feel joyful and happy….and it makes me feel like a rock star too!!!
    I wouldn’t have said I was a “great” singer before I joined and i have never had any formal singing training, however being in Pub Rock Choir I feel my singing has improved in leaps and bounds.
    I’ve learnt so much and made wonderful new friends….may Pub Rock Choir continue forever!!!
    HEIDI BROWN Pub Rock Choir member
  • Gillian Gardiner

    Circa have developed a long-standing partnership with Creative Regions over the past four years. This is a relationship built of trust and mutual understanding. Together we have worked to build the art form of contemporary circus in the Bundaberg region, to create artistic opportunities for young artists in the area and to bring world-class artists to Bundaberg to perform at the Crush Festival. It has been a great pleasure to work with Shelley Pisani and her team to build this program together.

    Charlie Cush (former) General Manager, Circa Contemporary Circus
  • Gillian Gardiner

    Bundaberg North Burnett Tourism has delighted in a long association with the Creative Regions team through the annual Crush Festival.  The Crush Festival is seen by BNBT as a very important destination event, marketing the development, expansion and profiling of the arts in the Bundaberg region.  The Creative Regions team possess a strong mix of flair and imaginative thinking with an abundance of energy and new ideas to ensure they deliver an incredible variety of artistic concepts for our region.  We’re pleased to be involved with such a vibrant, community organisation.

    Katherine Reid General Manager, Bundaberg North Burnett Tourism
  • Gillian Gardiner
    Getting paid as an emerging artist in a regional centre. If you need more than that as a testimonial, then let’s sit down over a coffee and I will tell you how bloody great this org is.
    SHALYN KNIGHT Stage Manager and Performer
  • Gillian Gardiner

    Creative Regions played an integral part in the success of the 2011 and 2013 regional arts and cultural conferences, respectively staged in Bundaberg and Rockhampton. Both events featured unique artistic programs developed by Creative Regions in close collaboration with local artists and communities. They demonstrated deep knowledge and understanding of, and connection to, both local communities, sourcing local produce and providers for the catering and contracting local artists to perform, present and showcase their wares to delegates. This provided authentically local experiences and lasting memories for conference attendees. Creative Regions’ logistical support and impeccable coordination were absolutely critical to the successful delivery of both events.

    Gillian Gardiner Director of Partnerships, Arts Queensland
  • Audience member

    It’s just wonderful. I’ve never seen anything like it. I think I’ll always remember the community spirit. It’s wonderful to see so many happy faces and the community getting together and making a good event.

    Audience member Tractor Tattoo in Kingaroy

    Creative Regions (CR) has broken the mould.

    As an organisation with its roots firmly in social inclusion and the best principles of community cultural development CR has opened up new areas of engagement and sustainability which others would do well to emulate. It brings maturity, pragmatism and innovation to its relations with government and business. It has positioned itself as the provider of creative solutions in linking social inclusion to regional economic development. It is indeed a model for the 21st Century.


    It’s not often that an organisation appears with a mix of creativity, intelligence, and the economic chops to succeed that is regionally based. All my preconceptions about the power of the cities to leach the regions of talent are undermined.

    Creative Regions in Bundaberg is one of these organizations; a mix of talents and inspiration, a wealth of ideas, the energy to realize them and the expertise to make sure the results are high quality and credible.

    Blood Gravy is a wild ride of a show. Its immersive, sensory, participatory and no two shows are the same. The show is an absolute gift for an actor. Its Dimboola meets Silence of the Lambs. For anyone who likes to bite off more than they can chew when it comes to entertainment, this is for you.
    KYLE WALMSLEY Performer – BLOOD GRAVY 2019

    We have found Creative Regions to be highly responsive to the needs of our community and keen to ensure that both established and emerging artists, from this region, are at the heart of the delivery of the Creative Capricorn program. We were well aware of the groundbreaking work undertaken by Creative Regions’ and this knowledge very much guided us in selecting the organisation to work in this region under the Creative Capricorn banner.

    Already we are seeing the early signs of a significant shift in not only the way the local community sees the arts but also in the way in which the arts community sees itself and its role in developing a vibrant and engaged community


    My experience working with Creative Regions on Projects such as Toonooba Voices (short film) and also meetings to enhance the arts as Capricorn Arts Mob to support local indigenous artists, in my eyes they have proven excellence of performance that they have established in the short time since they started here. Rod and Helen are a credit to their positions.


    I feel that this is one of Creative Regions’ strongest attributes’ being able to seek out regionally based people with the right combination of skills and mentor them into the field of CACD, offering them real life experience on projects and building the capacity of regional Queensland to be able to instigate and run with quality arts projects.