Project Description

The Regional Stories Lab is a program dedicated to digital media and narrative skills development, and the celebration of life stories.

This is a program Creative Regions is developing through 2017. Its key aims are:

  • To collect, preserve and celebrate oral histories and life stories of people who live in rural, regional and remote parts of Queensland;
  • To facilitate digital media and narrative skills development workshops in places where access to new technologies and the Internet is limited;
  • To support individuals and communities to take control over representations of their lives and identities by supporting them to create and publish their own stories.

We are currently applying for funding to purchase equipment for the Regional Stories Lab. We aim for the Lab to comprise a fully transportable digital storytelling kit. This will enable the Lab to travel to schools, retirement homes, and rural communities to deliver workshops and produce digital life stories with individuals and groups.

We believe stories are powerful tools. Through storytelling, businesses connect emotionally with customers, important social issues are exposed and addressed, and the lives and experiences of minority groups can be acknowledged and better understood. Stories shape meanings, knowledge, histories and identities, stimulate empathy and spur people to take action.

We tailor Lab workshops and programs to suit a variety of purposes. Whether you’re a school, a small business looking to connect with your clients, a regional Council, or a community organisation implementing an oral history project, we’ll design a program or workshop to suit you.

Contact us to discuss how the Regional Stories Lab can work in your community.