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Project Description

Project Brief

In 2016 we embark on a new phase of Place Activation: the North Bundaberg Suburb Blitz. This project will facilitate a range of projects in the community to restore character lost in natural disasters, and reflect the vibrancy of the people who live and work here. The project will reclaim the aesthetic soul of North Bundaberg by encouraging visitors, business, and social interaction.

If you would like to be involved in our Place Activation projects, please join our Volunteers group, or contact us: [email protected]

  1. PopUp Library Exchanges
    This project is run by Bundaberg Regional Libraries in conjunction with Bundaberg East Rotary and the Bundaberg Woodworkers Guild. The ‘Little Free Libraries’ are designed to promote literacy and access to reading, and to encourage community connectivity. There are now a number of Little Free Libraries at various locations throughout Bundaberg, and one on the North side outside Creative Regions HQ.
  2. Outdoor Sports and Games Projects
    A series of outdoor sports and interactive games will be made available in order to encourage people to interact and use outdoor spaces, build community, and promote community health and wellbeing.
  3. Story Walk
    During community consultations it became clear that walking is an important part of community life in North Bundaberg. Additionally, locals feel North Bundaberg is a suburb immersed in histories that are largely unknown and mostly undocumented. The Story Walk responds to both these notions.This project documents place-based personal histories about North Bundaberg, sharing these digitally through new media technologies and Quick Recognition codes that connect the story to the physical location it features. Locations will be linked via the existing walking trails around North Bundaberg. Using portable devices, walkers will be able to download and listen to the stories in the places they describe.
  4. ‘Word on the Street’ – Neighbourhood Fences Project
    This project was rolled out through a series of open workshop days in February and March 2016. Members of the community were invited to come in, paint and take home a wooden sign offering words of encouragement and inspiration to their neighbours. The finished signs are symbols of community participation and unity in the suburb.
  5. Street Sign Planter Boxes Project
    To enhance neighbourhood aesthetics, a series of small metal tins or boxes will be brightly painted, filled with plants, and wrapped around street signs. This will be a temporary project designed to encourage the growing of hardy, drought-tolerant plants in the suburb, and to alter street aesthetics. Changing the look of a well-known street, even for a short while, can encourage people to perceive a space differently and to imagine new possibilities for that space.
  6. Edible Garden
    A number of local cafes, restaurants and community organisations have expressed interest in installing an edible, communal garden in North Bundaberg. The garden is being designed by a landscape architect and a plan that ensures a sustainable model for the garden’s care and upkeep is being developed.
  7. Bus Shelter Poetry Exchange
    Many of the bus stops in our region do not have shelters. This project develops a temporary ‘test’ structure at one bus stop in North Bundaberg that also adopts an additional community engagement element – the exchange of poetry
  8. Picnic in the Park
    The North Bundaberg Picnic in the Park will take place as the culmination of our Suburb Blitz projects. People will be able to bring their own picnic or purchase food from stalls in the park. Local clubs and businesses will be encouraged to have stalls to showcase what they do. Tours of the project sites will be conducted as part of this event and a map will be developed and made available through local businesses to encourage people to visit and enjoy North Bundaberg.
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