Project Description

Rob’s hosting a karaoke competition at the campgrounds at their latest stop on their Grey Nomad travels. Completely unaware that his wife is grossly unhappy with this, he continues to charm fellow campers being the life of the party. His wife Maude copes by drinking and hoping for new neighbours who she can talk to. Single ladies and new travellers Brenda and Evie arrive and are not what Maude is hoping for. The four slowly get to know each other and settle into a harmony until Christian, a single younger man turns up and ruffles each of the women’s feathers. Will either Evie or Brenda catch the younger man alone for some campsite seduction? Will Rob notice his wife’s wandering eye in time to salvage his tenuous marriage?

Audience members will be thoroughly engaged as the participants of the karaoke competition and love the music of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. This light-hearted romp shall delight anyone who has ever taken the road less travelled.

Grey Nomads VS The World performed to two sell-out audiences during the Crush Festival in 2017. Tuesday 10th and Thursday 12th of October saw a range of guests pour into the gates from across Australia who were visiting from the Caravan and Motorhome Clubs Australia. Audiences laughed, gasped and giggled their way through the show, elbowing their neighbours as the jokes often hit a little close to home.


Cast of October 2017

Maude:  Michele Ridge
Rob:  Ken Peterson
Brenda:  Traci Thornton
Evie:  Penny Green
Christian:  Michael Dart
Merl:  Tarnia Dell
Shirl:  Mary Dudman

Production team

Playwright:  Di Wills
Director:  Cheryl Ratcliffe
Stage Manager:  Shalyn Knight
Crew:  Michelle Pacey, Lydia Humphries
Sound:  Corporate AV

Grey Nomads was supported by:

Regional Arts Fund – Australian Government

Arts Queensland – Queensland Government

Bundaberg City Council

Searle’s RV Centre

Pacey Family

Grey Nomads VS The World is a touring production and is considering all booking opportunities for 2019. Please make contact with Creative Regions on 07 4153 1218 for future information.

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What an inspired play to perform when the CMCA Rally came to Bundaberg! I am so happy that I managed to catch this play. The cast were great and the audience loved all the camping references! Plus incorporating karaoke with all those songs we remember and loved to sing along to…well now we could again! Pity there weren’t more performances as I think it would have packed a few more houses. A real pleasure from beginning to end! ? – Tricia Garson

A delightful bit of fun. Everyone sat back on a great spring afternoon, laughing, singing and chatting with people they didn’t know before the show. Congratulations to the creative writer and production team. Music, sets and camping situations were just right for the audience of travellers and locals. The show went like clockwork. The actors were a great mix of ages perfectly suited to the audience. The show fit like a glove. – Lynne Metz

It is clear Grey Nomads vs the World is a socially relevant piece of theatre that contributes to challenging the narratives around ageing. As such there is potential for this production to be used in a number of ways, including being shown as part of caravanning expos where there are large numbers of people who are exploring the idea of becoming grey nomads, or for other audiences who are contemplating retirement. – Dr Wendy Madsen, quoted from her research paper:

‘On the road again’: evaluation of a socially-engaged theatre production about grey nomads