Project Description

This Socially Engaged Theatre production was created in 2016 and premiered to the Bundaberg community in January 2017. It’s a play that highlights contemporary youth concerns such as anxiety, social media, relationships and networked technologies, exploring these issues from teenagers’ perspectives.

You’re tagging along on your best friend’s first date. You’ve just taken some very private photos but have dropped your phone… it’s fully charged, unlocked and you have hundreds of followers on social media. Today is NOT your day.

‘Elephant In The Room’ follows six teenagers as they negotiate the complexities of managing friendships and relationships through networked technologies, anxiety, and the ramifications of some poor choices.

The production developed through consultation with health specialists and mental health workers, teachers, guidance counsellors, school chaplains, youth at risk, and other teenagers within the Bundaberg region. The play illuminates various issues that these groups identified as primary concerns for young people, and explores these through youth perspectives.

‘Elephant In The Room’ runs for 22 minutes.

For further information, contact Creative Producer and playwright Dianne Wills:

‘Elephant In The Room’ is a suitable teaching tool for high school students. The $90 Education Package includes the full play script, performance rights, the film of the premiere production, and teaching notes.

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Absolutely needs to be in schools.

Well done. I am aware of this issue and was proud to see it brought to a stage. I want to see this travel through schools. Let’s open the eyes. Wonderful show.

As a teacher we are constantly thinking about these things which doesn’t make them new – but are things that definitely need to be addressed.

Was a good way to highlight topic to our teenager. Good for him to see other teenagers portraying/discussing these issues.

Audience feedback.

Creative Regions’ Socially Engaged Theatre Program is supported by Arts Queensland and the Bundaberg Regional Council. Thanks also to Churches of Christ Care who assisted the development of ‘Elephant In The Room’.

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