Touring “Take it to the Streets” in 2015.

In our second evaluation publication released this month, Dr Wendy Madsen from CQUniversity has explored key Place Activation projects delivered by Creative Regions between 2014 and 2016.  The research asked:

  • What factors influence artists’ and funders’ involvement in place activation projects?
  • How have artists and funders been impacted through their involvement in place activation projects?
  • From the perspective of artists and funders, what health and wellbeing implications are associated with place activation projects?

The findings are summarised into themes that highlight inclusive practices, challenges and opportunities as well as the impacts beyond the initial project.

“All creative placemaking projects are unique. They occur in response to the events and context of a community while they also contribute to (hopefully) changing the context of that community. Thus, while we can learn much from the experiences of others who have implemented creative placemaking projects, ultimately, placemaking is an opportunity to learn about ourselves and how we can influence the health and wellbeing in our neighbourhoods and communities.”  Dr Wendy Madsen, “Place Activation: Understanding creative placemaking in Bundaberg”, October 2017, p. 12

A sincere thank you to Dr Wendy Madsen and CQUniversity for our partnership in delivering evaluations that give us a greater understanding of the impacts of our work and can help shape future projects.

Click here to view the Report