Creative Regions is an arts production and arts management company based in Bundaberg. We believe communities thrive through creativity, and it is our mission to produce arts and cultural experiences that are relevant to regional people, and that add value to regional communities.

Established in 2008, Creative Regions produces performances, exhibitions, digital content and hybrid arts experiences that connect communities, governments and industry through the creativity of artists.

Industry and all levels of government partner with Creative Regions when they are looking for more relevant, compelling and unique methods to engage with communities in deeper and more creative ways.

Our approach makes a difference to how regional people see themselves and the world around them, and how other people understand the experiences and concerns of regional people.

  • We often work over a long period of time to develop an understanding and connection with the ideas that make a community tick. We believe audiences are central to our work. Listening to communities and understanding the audiences for the work produced is central to everything we do.
  • We partner with individuals, communities, government and industry to investigate and develop new work. We pride ourselves on our track record as a partner, collaborator, supporter and broker. Through art we connect people in ways that they haven’t connected before.
  • Creative Regions is a recognised leader in the arts industry. We lead through finding the energy and drivers in communities who have an equal stake in exploring ideas and making unique experiences that communicate them.
  • We produce creative experiences across a range of artforms including theatre, film, exhibitions, festivals, digital content and major events. All experiences are tailor-made to fit the idea, the audience and the participants in any project.

We solely, and soulfully, make new work for, in and with the communities we serve.

Our work is inspired by our unique location in sub-tropical Queensland and the people who live here. We create new arts experiences through listening to the stories of communities, and through being great connectors of people and ideas.

Exploration and engagement are central to our work.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, the rigour with which we make it and the relevance that our work has to regional people. We create new work that engages, provokes conversations, and changes the ways people perceive themselves and the world around them.

Creative Regions works across many artforms often reimagining traditional forms to produce vibrant experiences in unexpected and intriguing places.

Unique combinations of ideas, artists, locations, venues, partners and audiences determine the shape and look of our work. Artistic risk and exploration are fundamental to what we do and, as such, no two projects are the same. Our work is defined by its depth of engagement with people, the relevance of the ideas to regional audiences and the universality of those ideas when the work is taken to other places.

Our work is defined by artist-led engagement.

The work of the artist is central. Our company is artist-led and we respect the skill, drive and professionalism of the artists we work with and the application of these skills in engaging with regional communities.

We have built new creative industry in regional Queensland and continue to offer professional opportunities to emerging and established regionally-based artists. Without great artists, we don’t have a company.

We want to develop our company into a nationally renowned production house that tours regionally-produced work that is exciting, relevant, provocative, and speaks to the world.

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