Artist in Residence Program – “The Warren”

>>>>Artist in Residence Program – “The Warren”
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The Warren is a 2-bedroom apartment located at Creative Regions HQ.  This bright, airy apartment is perfectly positioned within walking distance of Bundaberg’s key cultural facilities and contained within the active Creative Regions home base where workshops, exhibitions, meetings and events take place on a regular basis.

Creative Regions’ Artist in Residence Program provides arts and cultural opportunities to artists and the Bundaberg Region through skills development, ideas exchanges, exhibitions, screenings, performances, and the creation of new work inspired by our region.

Applications will be invited twice a year for artists to utilise the space at drastically reduced rates:

  • Applications open 1st February for submission by 31st March
  • Applications open 1st July for submission by 1st September

Proposals submitted by artists must address at least one of the following criteria.  The project:

  • Leads to the creation of new work inspired by aspects of the Bundaberg Region or issues pertinent to the community; and/or
  • Will provide specialized skill development to the community with quality creative industry or community cultural development outcomes; and/or
  • Will present an exhibition, screening or performance that is relevant to events or programming in our region; and/or
  • Relates to a core program of Creative Regions and the delivery of those programs i.e. Crush Festival, Place Activation or Socially Engaged Theatre.

Successful applicants will be provided with access to the Artist in Residence Apartment at a reduced rate as set annually by the Board of Directors.  This is a fully self-contained 2-bedroom apartment.

An artist that successfully applies to be an Artist in Residence will be provided with the following assistance from Creative Regions:

  • Reduced rate access to facilities
  • Advice and support in seeking funding
  • Social media promotion of their project
  • Local media promotion support – e.g. media releases, links to radio interviews
  • Use of onsite equipment, internet and printer
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